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Thread: Methods Of Occupying Territory

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    Zone: 137

    Send as many troops to the tiles as possible keeping track of them so nobody attacks you and you lose your tile's and troops on them. This builds your territory faster as supposed to placing 1 troop for 3 hours 45 minutes. Now before I head to bed I like to place 1 troop occupying tiles this way I wake up to another territory and don't have to worry about losing the 1 troop if someone attacks it. I hope this helps.

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    Dark Scion zone 68

    When venturing into new territory, branch out in arms(3, 4, whatever your max march allows)
    Space each arm 3 tiles apart so there are 2 tiles in between(This allows all tiles between arms to be taken afterward)
    When the arms are 5-10 tiles long, fill in the gaps. When march times become an issue, teleport to the end of your longest arm and repeat.

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    I use cannons 64 thou max occupying I take 5 tiles at a time this is beastmode6 from zone 79 also if your scared go to church also fun to drop 312 thou infront of others buildings makes them think twice about attacking when you got balls to steal land right in front of them lmao

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    I occupy unclaimed land on the outskirts during pvp, I find that most players especially the big players are so focused on getting their points that they don't get out there to see what I'm up too.

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    My guild takes all the open tiles. No drama and we have land everywhere on the map.
    KILL4FUN 刽子手
    Zone 74

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    Port to area under a shield and then 100k per tile. Depending on your size and lvl you can flip 3-4-5 at a time but keep your eyes open and if you can spear far enough to recall if threatened

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    I like to watch for a guild that is busy defending itself during pvp. You can sneak several tiles and not even get noticed.

    Zone 43

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    If it's pvp, you should only occupy a tile with one troop unless you are going to sit and watch. Otherwise, people (like me!) will swoop in and kill a bunch of your troops.

    If it's not pvp and you have a zone agreement to not war, then you might consider sending more troops... But I would still watch them if I were you as you never know.

    You only need to send around 67k t3 cannon to occupy at the fastest speed, and around 100k of the other t3 types.

    Occupation guild events are the best times to occupy as you will be able to occupy in the shortest time possible.

    Aspenvel - Zone 14

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    Ich arbeite mich beim Besetzen von auen nach innen durch. Ich nehme natrlich die maximale Truppenanzahl um die Dauer der Besetzung zu reduzieren. Es funktioniert super.

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