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Thread: Methods Of Occupying Territory

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    I random teleport away and I start taking tiles by me with one guy and just wait or I keep teleporting zone 124 dj lightning

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    Bacongoddess zone 108
    Depending on if its an occupy event or just regular occupy... On just a normal occupy I like to send one troop per tile and I usually use 3 out of 4 of my Marchs to occupy through out the day... If it is an occupy event I like to fast flip and send all my troops to one tile and do a 4min flip.. (That's when I do my enemies tiles ) 😉😉

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    Being that flipped tiles are worth more I typically reach out to the leader of a guild that has a large area of tiles and flip them!!! Using my 3🌟 troops it only takes 3-5 mins to flip the tile so I go for it and flip as many as I can and then they just flip them back after the event!!! You have to have a good relationship with the guild leader so they understand it's just for the event and agree to let you flip their tiles.

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    Port in during pvp and occupying event and pop 66k cannons on a tile at a time 5 minutes a tile

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    Use as many troops as you have, make sure your March speed is high from lab and you should be able to occupy pretty quick. Sometimes if you're not paying attention someone can port next to you and hit you. So make it quick and pay attention.

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    You need to get in with 100k t3s and do it fast...Usually setting your commander to battle is a good notion and sending it with as many players will move and hit. Once they get bitten they are twice shy. Porting to areas remote from enemy main huves usually draws the least interest but a coordinated efforts all across the territory can cause all kinds of grief for enemy players. MaximusFun Zone24

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    vnement d Occupation

    Tlporter sur le carreau occuper puis mettre 250k de troupes t3(environ 5 min de temps pour occuper)

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    I usually occupy during event as i can take 1 tile at 4:55 minute. My method is to pair up with 1 or 2 more members n port in to take d tiles. Usually we will b under shield. We will have at least 1 strong member unshield nearby to help hit any resistance if there is any. Before going to bed, i will just send 1 troop per march to occupy.

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    Our alliance moves into the territory of another alliance... and then connects the area to the existing site...

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