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Thread: Attacks On Alliances and Bases!

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    Attacks On Alliances and Bases!

    Dear Gamers,

    I think we should be able to see the attacks in an alliance! Meaning if your in an alliance you can see who is getting attacked in the members area and show the location during PVP war event! This would help more members protect the alliance and see whats going on during the event or anytime getting attacked! Will show location of each member getting attack and by who, so we can come to there rescue during PVP war Event!

    Also we have a major problem with members attacking outside the PVP war event! Newbies can't grow fast enough and we need a program that will not allow any attacks or taking of territories when its not PVP war event time! I think this will help greatly on keeping members from attacking outside the PVP war event, we need something to stop this when PVP war event is not going on!

    Killer Gregg ( RDD ) Zone# 121

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    Actually there was another thread regarding alliance attacks HERE (I replied to it as well)

    As for members attacking out of pvp, you need to greatly discipline the people if they do such a thing as attack out of pvp. There won't be a feature that prevents it in case the Government wants a 24/7 war on a guild or something. In addition, territory taking out-of-pvp is allowed (in my zone at least), so once again, if you have anything against it and your members doing it, talk to them about it and everything.


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    My members never attack other alliances, it other members that attack everyone unannounced!

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