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Thread: Defense Strategy

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    Defense Strategy

    I notice a few players in my zone who play the defensive instead of attacking and do very well at it. One guy played it all the way through PVP and only lost 5 troops but took out 500K of the attacking.

    I understand using radar to set defense correctly but is this all they are doing to accomplish this? These players are doing massive damage to the attacking players.

    If you are a defensive player that plays like this will you please explain your tactics to accomplish this feat. This is something i would like to teach our guild to be successful in.

    Thank you

    Zone 70

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    Very Easy, Just build as many garages as you can, so when you get attacked you just keep healing them every time you get attacked and by the end of being attacked you have not lost 1 single troop and the attacker lost all troops!

    Killer Gregg ( RDD )

    Zone #121

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    Playing defensive is actually pretty easy and fun. First I suggest you reset your talents and set them to all combat stats (attack and defense).You need to be fully reinforced by members of your guild. I suggest you have URC 21 for this since it will bring the best effect. Make sure you use an EMP generator to fool the other player. Also, this works best for players with lower power. Since you are more likely to be attacked by a regular full march and not a rally.

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    There's a slew of defense strategies you can employ to great effect.I'll list a few....

    Bait and switch: really effective against mid level players...rally the bulk of your troops out, and when the attack is incoming,read the formation and set yours quickly. If the incoming force is smaller than your entire army, at the last moment unrally your army and watch your opponents horror as he is decimated.

    Bangstick: works really well provided you have a decent URC and a team with troops to fill it,however you do need approx 20 seconds to set up... As the attack starts,quickly set your formation and alert your team who immediately send reinforcing troops. As soon as reinforcements take flight, quickly use a random port. The teleport makes the attack and reinforce arrive instantly, killing the attackers troops.
    If attacked by a larger,but not monstrous player, as his attack begins, quickly send a march at him, and rally remaining troops out. His commander will be in flight,limiting his defense boosts. He hits an empty or mostly empty base,and you hit his remaining troops.

    Keys to defense strategy: set talents properly. Be certain to set for strong defense. Also, researches are instrumental. Be certain to research defs fully. Another note on talents: on attack, total health is preferable, but on defense, total defense is key. Don't forget to set officers and medals for a good defense, and never ignore formations. Once scouted, quickly change your defense formation to throw off the incoming attack set.

    Keep in mind, you will lose troops,its a fact of life. Minimize total losses with rallies, stashing in mines, and hiding under bubbles, and try to only keep troops in base that will keep under the garage cap.
    Its always better to be hit than to do the hitting, because on defense, your troops garage. On attack, any losses are total loss.
    A good defense strategy can help you win over vastly superior numbers. I once had a train run on me by a player with over a million troops. I had only 400k with me,as I'd left the bulk of my army behind. My defenses were set, and his attacks were a disaster. I n the end, I had 70k garaged,while he lost 430k outright, permanent loss. Easiest 6 mil PvP points I ever got lol.
    Have fun with the defense play, its really my favorite strategy. YMMV

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    quick and easy way: set commander talents to full defense/health. Put up good defense/attack officers/medals. have big garages. be on when attacker hits so that you can heal as they attack you

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    The biggest thing that made me build and play defence style is the fact that marches are limited to 250k(plus 25% or 50% if an increase is active) and time and again ive seen 300k t4 lose horribly attacking a base with 800k or more of t3. T4 is nice but not the end all for winning. And like most war mmos, being bulletproof is da bomb. Sure i can be rallied but so can the guys that destroy themselves trying to hit me. And soon ill be able to handle that too. I stopped leveling my mini at lvl15, instead putting my effort into larger rally loadout,more garages,maxed rss farms, maxed storehouse,maxed shipping..ect. the march limit is a severe handicap for an aggressor. Huge advantage for me....i can have all the combat & defence units i

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