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Thread: Game keep crashing

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    Game keep crashing

    Hi i am playing invasion and my game is always crashing/stucking/ stop working after like 10 seconds when im in my base
    The problem is just at the base the screen is freezing and the game stop working does someone know how to solve this problem? Its an asus zenfone 2 device android virsion 5.0

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    My Zenfone 2 has experiences the same problem all the time. Until i switch to my other account (other facebook account), it runs well then. But when i logged-in back the previous account, it freezed again. I already reinstalled this game, it runs well firstly, but after i used speedup items for several times, i got freezed again. Please help!

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    Hi guys! We are sorry for the trouble. We have released a new pack which will optimize the crash issue. We kindly suggest you to check if things get better now. Thanks!

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