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Thread: Game Crashing

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    Game Crashing

    Since the new update, my game crashes every single time I open the mail. I can't check reports because the game immediately crashes.

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    Hi Lynda! What is your device type?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynda Muller Minard View Post
    I have an Iphone 6
    Could you please kindly share if you have done some special operation before the crash?

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    Nope. It doesn't matter what I am doing. If I go into the mail and check reports of any kind, including guild events or reports, the game crashes. I have deleted and reinstalled. And the game is up to date. The game is also killing my battery much faster than before the update.

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    Mine is an iPad 2 and mine does the same thing.

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    Sorry for the inconvenience. We will investigate this issue further. Please share more information with us. Please tell us the operation system version of your device. Thanks!

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    Same thing happens to me too. I'm android user. Every time I try to open reports, game crashes ��

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    Game crashing after big rallies and mail is really laggy. The report from scouting comes well after the scouting March has already returned --big problems for pvp. Planes seems much slower as well

    Overall getting kicked out of game regularly

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