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Thread: Valentine's Plans

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    memories?happy valentines zona 144 mettu combi

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    Hi everybody... Happy valentine's day!!!

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    I will spend this Valentines with my rescued furry friends. And lots of game time.

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    Going to live life to the fullest and enjoy this day. Hope everyone has a great valentines.
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    Ok I drove to our high school in town tonight because my son Payton plays in the this was about 11:30 pm tonight. We went to Walmart and had to get some milk ect..I seen these long stem roses and grabbed about 2 dozen white/pink.and put 3 red roses in with the 2 dozen. We got home and oh I did not forget the huge box of chocolates. So anyway put the roses in a vase she likes alot .and brought them in the room with one rose I put the stem in my mouth and when she saw me she was in tears and told her the 3 red roses where Patrick,Payton,and Pierce and that I love her very much... and so after that.she was happy and I was to .so jumped back on my invasion game and still having a great night....I would like to say to my guild family HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY AND HOPE IT'S A GREAT ONE. GAME ON....

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    My wife has a high risk pregnancy so we can't go out so I'll buy her some dinner roses and some chocolates and watch my favorite show the walking dead


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    Zona 142. Invasion for ever !!!!!

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    I will spend my valentines day with my family, i will cook some chicken with beans for it is their favorite!

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    I play invasión all Day with my fiance, #89 Teaker

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