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Thread: Love Invasion? Go for VIP. Here's why...

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    Love Invasion? Go for VIP. Here's why...

    Love Invasion? Go for VIP. Here's why...

    VIP status is a valuable investment if you are in this game for the long run. I have been playing over a year, and I can assure you that it has been worth it for me to go VIP on several of my accounts. For other great tips, click HERE to see my post on How to get the Most out of your Base/Guild.

    VIP 1 (buy 100 diamonds)

    As little as .99 cents. If you do it now, as of this post, there is a FIRST TIME BUYER BONUS of in game items worth 6500 Diamonds.

    1- Collect Daily Missions immediately. No Need to wait for the timer to tick down.
    2- Build Faster. Your Free minutes goes from 5 to 7. You couple that with your research, officers, talent points, guild Research Center, and your guild mates tapping hte help button, you are speed building.
    3- All resources are boosted by 4% on the output.
    4- Your tile occupation time is boosted by 1%

    VIP 2 (buy a total of 550 diamonds)

    About $6. The dollar from VIP1, plus purchasing a $5 package.

    All of the VIP 1 benefits, PLUS:
    1- 1 extra Daily Mission to collect each time
    2- Your free minutes goes up by 3, for a total of 10 free minutes on each build.
    3- All reasources boosted by an additional 1% for a total of 5%
    4- Tile occupaption is now boosted by 3%

    VIP 3 (buy a total of 3000 diamonds)

    About $20. So if you went the small purchase route, you have already invested about $6. If you want to go directly to VIP 3, I suggest buying two 9.99 packages. Make sure at least one of them is the Monthly subscription. It gives you a total of 16,540 diamonds over the course of a month. Only the first 1540 counts towards your VIP status. So if you are patient, you can have VIP 3 in 30 days. That is two monthly subscriptions for a total of $19.98 and a total of 33,080 diamonds.

    1- Gift Giving is unlocked. You can now send gifts (using diamonds) to your fellow guild mates or to your other accounts.
    2- Your march time when attacking rebels and black crusaders is bossted by 100%
    3- You get one more daily mission
    4- you get one more guild mission
    5- You now get 12 free minutes when building
    6- All resources are now boosted by 6%
    7- Occupation speed is now boosted by 5%

    VIP 4 (buy a total of 9500 diamonds)

    Varied depending on how you buy your diamonds. Anywhere from $40-60

    All the benfits of VIP 3, PLUS
    1- Collect both Daily and Guild missions instantly
    2- Auto Return after occupation. (your troops come back to base on their own)
    3- One more guild mission
    4- two more daily missions
    5- Occupation speed is now boosted by 7%
    6- All resources now boosted by 7%
    7- You now get 15 minutes free on each build
    Zone 34

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    I'm at VIP 3, and I really enjoy it lol

    I'm not a huge spender, but the benefits surely help me out.

    Amazing job with all the guides and everything too John!


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    I am vip7 and i dont like it so much...

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    Im a VIP 10 and I LOVE the fact we get 5% total attack and health. This comes in handy when in ZvZ, I look for players below VIP 9 so I have a small advantage over them. with my com, I always win the rallies and solo attacks

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    I wanna know how much it will cost me to go from vip1 to vip4

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    About $87 - $100 to go from VIP 1 to VIP 4

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