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    Here's an interesting, at least to me, question. When tiling, what's your preferred tecnique? Do you port into an area and start a cross eminating out from your base? Or do you pick a strategic location at an edge and start tiling across typewriter style?

    Personally, I prefer finding or making a start point that allows me to tile in a diagonal fashion, as opposed to a straight line. I find for me, this most efficient because it provides more unlocked sides per tile, essentially more open surface area to work from. What are your thoughts or experiences?

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    For me it really depends on the area I'm trying to take.

    If it's a smaller area I usually just port in the middle of it and take around me slowly. I don't really have a technique to it unless there's someone trying to stop me from occupying, or is just nearby and is doing some stuff lol.

    However, if the area is much larger I use your technique and try and make it easier for me and everything.

    I don't know how to say it all, but I've occupied over 1500 tiles so I think I know what I'm doing lol.


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    I usually do typewriter style. straight across in a line. then shift down

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