We will be carrying out a game update on Feb. 17th from 01:30 - 05:30 UTC, during which time you will be unable to play the game.

1.29.0 Updated Content:

- It's getting warmer, summer scenes are back
- Opened the eastern land
- Instructor system: Tanya will introduce various aspects of the game to the players
- The resource structures in the base will produce additional resources, players can manually tap to collect them and have a chance of getting mysterious chests.
- Optimized the diamond mine friend invitation function, making it easier for your friends to join Invasion
- Optimized the graphics and speed of some devices under best speed mode.
- Other: performance and stability optimization
-The enemy's scouting marching line will be hidden when being scouted

Please login the game after the update and get Update Pack worth 7,000 diamonds in your Rewards Center, thank you for your support of the Invasion!

For all the Android players, if you can not successfully update android version from Google play, you can directly download android APK from the link below:

If you have any questions or recommendations regarding the game, please click [More] - [Customer Service] and contact our support team.

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