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Thread: IMPORTANT- UPDATE 02-16-2016 Spamming Facebook Accounts! [FIX]

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    Exclamation IMPORTANT- UPDATE 02-16-2016 Spamming Facebook Accounts! [FIX]

    Of course as always, when Invasion fixes something, it always comes with a catch.

    As of the new update, even simple actions in game causes Invasion to automatically share actions to your Facebook accounts. This is EXTREMELY abusive, I looked at my Facebook and saw within 3 minutes of playing, I had already had 5 automatic posts to my Facebook.

    If you need further proof of this, go check your own timelines on Facebook.

    The purpose of this post is:

    1. Demanding Invasion fixes this (This is blatant abuse of the FB sharing system, and most likely violates their community guidelines)

    2. Showing players how to stop Invasion for posting for them

    3. Showing players how to submit Invasion to Facebook's Review and report Apps for spam

    Stopping Facebook posts:

    -Go to the Facebook settings menu (find the option by clicking the dropdown arrow in the top right hand corner)
    -Click on the "Apps" Section
    -Scroll over Invasion and click "edit settings" (may appear as a pencil icon)
    -Unselect the checkbox (blue circle with a check in it) that gives Invasion access to your friends list
    -Unselect the checkbox that allows invasion to post for you
    -Click the dropdown box and select "No" when it asks to give you notifications

    Reporting this to Facebook:

    -In that same window, click "Report App" at the bottom
    -Select "Im reporting this app for spam" and click continue
    -Click "Submit to Facebook for review"
    -Click "Done" to exit the window

    Invasion, Be Warned:

    I will be documenting this post, and if it is removed or you try to restrict people from seeing this, I will report you to the FTC and similar government organizations for consumer rights violations. Even if you are in your right to spam people's social media accounts, you have no right to restrict information regarding how to disable it.

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    I completely agree. I keep all my apps set so only I can see posts from apps. But this update to how they treat your FB account does seem both abusive and intrusive.

    The only problem with removing thier permissions to see your friends list is if you are bound to the diamond mine. Without access to your friends, you will lose the ability to send diamonds. (I tried that when I first used the diamond mine, I could recieve but not send). Not sure if that has changed or not.

    Otherwise, T4F really needs to get on it and change thier FB sharing back to what it was previously, VOLUNTARY. We already had the option to voluntarily share mails and to send game invitations to our friends who do not play. Now they auto check a tiny box that most people will miss that post to FB on your behalf. That is not a good way to keep your playerbase/customer base happy.
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    I actually completely agree with this. I don't want to completely spam my facebook with every little move that I make on the game. That is not only annoying to me, but it is annoying to my friends as well.

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    From another thread about the FB spamming issue:

    Quote Originally Posted by Invasion CS View Post
    Hi guys! We are really sorry for the it. This not-cool-spamming-function has been closed. Please have a check. Thanks!
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