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Thread: New Update iPhone multiple account login issues

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    New Update iPhone multiple account login issues

    Undo whatever you did with logging in on an iphone that makes the game try to open facebook again. By doing this, iphone users are unable to login to alternate accounts. Take whatever section of code that it is that does this, and throw it out - for good. It doesn't work, it never did work, and it never will work - now I am stuck on one account (where I won't spend a single cent) instead of being able to log in to my other (where I will spend hundreds).

    Fix it.

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    I have the same issue with him. Pls fix is ASAP. We need to be switching account like previously we can do so.

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    Same issue here plz solve this i lost too much in my game plz resolve it

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    Same here what a joke. Hope in don't get zeroed
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    Makes me wonder if they do any tests before releasing updates.

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    Hope you will give me all my troops and rss back when I get zeroed as I can't log in

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    Sorry for the inconvenience caused. As for the FB account switch issue after update, we will try to fix it as soon as possible, and will compensate accordingly then. Appreciate your patience.

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    Same here 😰😁We don't want update plz get back last update is much better 😀😀get back😂

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