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Thread: Loss of Rss - Trooop building and other

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    Loss of Rss - Trooop building and other

    WTF.. Ok After 10 hrs I ccan finally log in what is going to be done for those with FB (Only Accts) that were locked out.

    In Z86 we have got Rebel;s and I am severly behind. I also could niot prevent troop loss from the previous PVP. and lost other items like could not devote my troops to building the mine or doing research.. Stop doing a mass deployment to all servers do a few see what the hell happens and fix it then role it out

    I hope the compensation is for only thoseFB Acts. no tap 4 accts or it is BS

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    Hi Nathan! We are really sorry for the inconvenience this issue has caused to you. We will deliver compensation for this issue. Please don't worry. Thanks for your understanding!

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