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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.29.0

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    Since new update my game lags real bad. When I change over from map to base, the screen stays blue having me have to reset my game. Besides that everything else is good

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    The upgrades are great, some of the graphics are off a little, the format seems wrong on some screens. I'm enjoying the new icons over the farms and mints. Receiving the chest rewards are pretty cool, keep up the good work.

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    La nueva version esta fuera de liga me encanta ahora me tiene mas tiempo jugando no puedo despegarme del juego y aseguir mejorando como lo saben hacer le doy un 100% gracias

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    Tapping to collect resources is just about the worst thing this game could do, besides broadcasting to all my friends and family my every "Invasion" move. Is it called invasion because it infringes upon my privacy?

    There should be a Facebook connection center where you can edit your sharing settings going forward, maybe a function added into the diamond mine. The little check box for sharing is insufficient and ridiculous. Manually collecting resources is tedious and repetitive. If I wanted to play a clash of clans clone I'd go play that.

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    Love new updates but the one i dont like is the rss in base not adding automaticly like before. We need to tap manually. Hate those update

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    This game is starting to blow it had a 24 hr shield disappear as my team mate had a 3 day shield go not kool as I lost 700k T3s and a ton of rss this game has bad glitches I spend thousands of dollars and won't settle for small comp

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    It's a hydra. Fix one bug two bugs show up.
    Invasion is getting worse. Either to fix it or return our money back.


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    OK here's a quick comment your ideas good,,but your programming shit,,I've won diamonds and rebel points from the new res bonus thing and not 1 was added to my inventory and as usual get Tap bullshit mail,,2 carnt read reports keep getting constantly kicked its bullshit,,Fucking sick of being ripped off by this Fking company and being blamed for there piss poor job,,locked out for hours on end cos of their fb FUCK UP and get shit for compensation.... I want a full refund and you wankers can threaten to bar me from your future games if u like,, I'm a paying customer with rights

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    Noua versiune este foarte rog sa luati masuri

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