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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.29.0

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    Günceleme ile tam 4 gün boyunca oyuna giremedim.Çok mağdurum. 139.bölgede Son Kale lonca başkanıyım.Üstüne birde kalkan olucak dendi saldırıda yedik bütün birimler neredeyse gitti.
    Süper versiyon 👏🏽👏🏽

    139.bölge KaraHan Pasa

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    Poderia retirar a parte de comentários, espaço desnecessário!

    ZomBie #11

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    Thanks & congrats for new updated of this game!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle Cantu View Post
    I like the way the new update looks and it seems to be faster than the previous one. The only this I don't like about it, is that you have to tap on the resources to collect them. Other than that great job on the update.
    Why is it bad? You haven't read the full feature description my friend... You still get RSS automatically as it happened before, when you click you just collect EXTRA on top of that, and also there's chance to get yellow box with 1000 diamonds in. How can you not like it? I assume most people love it!

    And about the update itself... Well, it is great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mohammad Mozaffari View Post
    Hi dear Mr/Mrs administrator
    How are you ?
    I want to broach a issue with you about new apdate of the game

    Scout location :

    As you know the scouter location is hidden , cause of that we can't carefull about our base , resource , units and enemy's !!
    Without location and scouter details we can do nothing !! Without any reaction at the moment, we can't recognition our enemy's , and he/she will have all our statics !!

    Anyway please tell me that what we should do against that !?

    Please try to find a way to resolve this problem , exactly this is a problem for us !!
    Or add another capability to arrive at enemy location !

    This is our protest ...

    I'm waiting for your responding

    Best regards
    Mozaffar. / zone 92

    This is my mail:
    My Commander, sorry for this. And this function is based on most commanders' suggestion. We really hope U can understand it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thohero View Post
    My Commander, sorry for this. And this function is based on most commanders' suggestion. We really hope U can understand it.
    But I will convey your suggestion to our technique department.

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    After last upgrade i can't login game. Error code :22
    i deleted game and tap4fun file and reinstall but i can't login invasion.

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    Pvp gelmiş bende 7,5 milyon dan 2 milyona düştü gücüm.
    Lanet olsun böyle güncellemeye.

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