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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.29.0

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    I lost 5 million power.
    Why? Login problem coming with update .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Philip Smith View Post
    Since the 1.29 update,here are a few things I've noticed.

    1 - The mail system seems to hang alot.. It seems like the headers and the actual reports are on different servers or something, because when you tap a report or private message for the 1st time, it can hang the game for a short while. Kinda like it is searching for your message, even tho you have a header tell you that you have a message or report you can view.

    2 - The Guild Chat stops working over time. This has been an issue for awhile, but it seems to have gotten worse since update. Example.. This past PVP, I was unable to keep in contact with team because the guild chat would stop functioning. It is like the chat has a sleep timer on it. If you don't constantly keep chatting, then after a short while you no longer receive any feed from the channel, even if you are online and active in the game.. You don't realize that the chat has stopped working, until you yourself type in a message to the channel and you get an ERROR saying that some Magnetic Field is disrupting you or something, and you must reboot the game in order for the chat to begin working again.. This makes team work a very frustrating job... And to be forced to have to reboot the game in order to get chat to function after it has stopped working, all while all other aspects of the game are working fine, is a big let down.. What happens if during an occupy event you go to chat, and then have to reboot game? And when you reboot someone attacks your occupy.. You won't have a chance to pull off your occupy or any other action because you are in the middle of reloading the game.. I say this because this just about happened to me this past PVP/Occupy event... I went to chat in Guild chat and was told I had to reboot game to get chat to function.. When game was loaded back up, I noticed I was under attack, and I barely had time to switch to map mode and then get to my troops and make an evasive maneuver and pull them off the occupy spot.. It was a tense moment. One that shouldn't of needed to have occurred..

    3 - The map movement is MUCH better in this latest update.. no lag at all for me. Every version has lagged on me since I've been playing, until now.. So awesome job on the map scrolling functions!!

    4 - The added feature of bonus items from tapping on your base resources is a nice addition, but it would be great to have like another option to -SHAKE- your device to just collect from all resources at one time, rather than tapping on each one individually.. You may lose your chance at getting multiple chest from doing an all at once collection, but sometimes that wouldn't be a bad thing..

    All in all tho, I like the update and the additions are nice, but some of the functions of the game need to be addressed.. Especially the chat and mail system..
    Thank you for your constant support my commander and please believe that we can make it better.

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    Ok, to be honest the game experience has improved drastically and loved the new look and feel of the game. Simply wonderful.
    But there are some problems which most of us agree and hopefully you also admit it.

    First, the gold chests which come during collection of resources has its odds in favor of game rather than in favor of players.

    Second, the description of anniversary bag clearly says "Open to randomly receive Willow, twig, sunflower, maple leaf or legendary material". But it is still giving speedups and resources nothing else.

    We as players feels cheated with such incidents. Hope you take it in positive way.

    Thank you
    Sir Addy

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    Scusate ma con l'ultimo aggiornamento non si vedono pi¨ i confini dei territori volevo sapere il perchÚ grazie

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