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Thread: Boycott!! Feb 21 2016

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    Boycott!! Feb 21 2016

    Dear tap4fun, my name is Oats, as much as it pains me to do this myself and a coalition of other zones are going stop spending our hard earned money on this game. We have a large group of members who all agree that spending under these current conditions are unfair to the players. We have decided that if the following requests are met then we will continue to play and spend our money on your game. If not we will all stop playing, stop paying and convince everyone we can to join us. Below are our requests.

    1) we would like to see better packs the amount of diamonds,, speed ups and RSS we are getting for $100 is unfair based on how long the t4 researches are ...

    2) we would like Explained information on the combat system how the boosts are calculated each hit so people can learn how to play properly.

    3) Lag corrected the game is hard to play based on the amount of lag that comes on any average WiFi connection.

    4)increased event rewards make events worth doing.

    5) zone merge worked on to help correct inactivity of zones we are losing players everyday it's hard to play in a very low population.

    6) we would like to have zvz more frequently. ,

    And finally we would like biweekly updates on our requests if these requests are not met we will continue to not spend on invasion. Thank you for your time we look forward to a timely response to address our concerns

    Any player that wants to join this coalition, please add me on line. My id is hollisdad, I will invite you to the group. We demand to be treated fairly.

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    Im very sorry im taking the role of support and explaining myself some stuff but im bored of 7-8 to 17 year old kids that have no idea for what they post in this game,in my zone i play i see this regulary so i will say it point by point as a comment on this boycott
    1)Games exists so there developers can make profits.thats money payed for support ,designers and programers,hosting,etc... that make this game exists at all.If ppls stop buy things or t4f start give u free tier4 units they will just stop the game.

    2)I support that too.There must be a sort of "battle calculator" made or attleast explained how the battle system works in detail,it exists on many miltary games both found on the net or some on android platforms.

    3)Lag can be caused by phone too,older smarthphones have this problem i tested t4f on such long time ago.I wont explain what Wi-Fi is-info can be found on google. Home networks are fine becouse there is just several devices connected like 3-4 phones some tablet and laptop attached to the network even downloading at high speed is generally good for games.

    Public networks like such at Mall,Restaurants,etc...that are not protected with password are firstayed on lowest speed so just net is usefull for some thinkgs that are needed and dont cost much ,and that net has limited speed each user can recerve.its barely enought for semi fast serch on google(otherwise instead pay for home net everyone will go at some mall and start download some list of games nonstop with a laptop-its why those who dont put passwords set so called "bandwitch rules" or "speed limit rules"-sayed on simple language uncorrectly
    (they are applied to your phone/laptop when u connect to this wifi nothing u can do to avoid them ,more info on those links i post below that are for wireless routers of tp-link.depends on routers info can be found on google for other brands. (t4f im sorry i post links i know its agains your rules but ppls need to know we live in 21 century):

    this is explaiend good for routers and wifis i think( i just scroll it) tho u can find on google too if u wanna:

    if u dont like it-pay for more mbs at your mobile net so u dont need to use wifi's.Also there is companys in most countrys that provide ONLY network-max mbs at high speed are generally times higher than the internet u get from your Phone company provide(those companys provide both packs with net/free minutes between operators or groups but max mb's at high speed are times less)

    4)as i sayed games are for profits.if t4f do it ppls wont buy diamonds...tho some speeds arent bad but u can always make bunch of alts and give them vip3 with 20 dolars for rewards:

    5)every website,game,system for paying on the supermarket even if u like has so called database(that is 2 to 50 or more number of tables connected via relations or connections called more simple).
    In the case of invasion:
    This set of tables store the entire account information:email you bind account to(google)/facebook/or some t4f account,account password,zones your account play,detailed information about character in each zone(updated as u play)...etc
    -this forum has database that store your information upon registration.Login matches the information from the both fields(ID and password with the information stored in the database)..............just for your info


    Merging zones isnt that simple as 10 clicks as u think. If for example i play on zone 20 and zone 21 with same account and T4F merge those zone they either ask me which account i want to keep,or ask me to provide some new account they will transfer the information too or delete 1 random(what if i payed moneys for both and i play on both)?

    and i doubt game was designed they merge zones eventually which is one of the reasons they keep launching new zones every week

    1. zvz need to be explained whats the principle when it starts.right now i think its some kind of contests till 1 zone leave winner or so,those zones who lose leave the race...t4f need to give exact detail tho

    2.zvz rewards dont worh ,no offense im 30m player 1200 diaminds if remember right(or have adv port which is that cost) cost me only to transfer to the zone i suppose to attack...and u need few ports normally...Also speeds are few(less than normal pvp again) dont cover at all the expenses of units u lose in zvz.

    3.such zone to zone contest need to be made at some universal time LIKE UTC:00:00 TO BE DONE AT SATURDAY NIGHT,OR FRIDAY ATTLEAST(NOT AT 4AM IN THE MORNING SUNDAY OR MONDAY...MANY EUROPEANS DONT PARTICIPATE) .personly i wont participate in even that has no rewards or enought speeds that cover even 30% losses normally not to speak FOR EVENT THAT START AT 4AM MY TIME

    Please dont get me wrong.We as players pay in this game so yes there must be changes,but u cant ask somethink that cant be done or fixed as Wifi problems or ask they do such mess with T4F databases as i highly doubt they do.You make boycotts fine, make some reasonable demands then.

    Also you and other ppls that write for stuff they dont know-read game/forum rules cuz i encouter with bulshits on my game mails i read,read attleast on google for thinks u dont know or ask some friend that work and study in the sphere for that(like databases attleast basic info What is Database and basic thinkgs for Wifis and speed limit rules u put here(laggs u experience come either from your phone or from your net mainly which is entirely possible if u use public unprotected net)
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    wow that was a long reply, longer then the original thread, but Oats make a very valid point this boycott is useless and simply not going to accomplish anything. no game is perfect, and the developers of this game can't go to every single player and make the game exactly how that individual player wants it. they have to make the greater number of players happy.

    -TheChosen1 Zone 34

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    well its longer cuz its like "comment" on every point he wrote.i tried explain him a little as much as i could but im not good teacher,tho there is plenty of books and stuff on the net he and others can read attleast for common knolledge not to mention thinks used every day

    only think i care from those points as most ppls does i assume and that can be done and T4F may work for is a battle calculator/explaining battle system a bit and ZvZ price ajjustment attleast to a normal pvp price+more frequence if possible+ normal time (attleast few hrs earlier start like Friday night PVP or somethink like that thats more suitable for others and better day like Saturday so more can participate), except this T4F wont even bother to reply on this boycott think written by a kid who has no idea of anythink.

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    ok... so here are my thoughts on this...

    1) It's true though that the new zones get MUCH better packs than we do. If you play on an earlier zone and go to say zone 120 their hundred dollar packs are worth literally twenty times more and I do find that kind of disturbing ripping off the older customers... This needs to be corrected as this is not the first thought of "boycott" that I have seen and I doubt that it is coming from just one place.

    2) Great idea, but I do believe that some of the fun of this game is literally figuring out how it all works and being the best at it.

    3) Lag is not just all about the device. My device is only five months old and the lag is insane at times. My wifi is spot on I only ever use my wi-fi at home so yes this is a huge issue that happens in ALL tap games.

    4) roskata is right about this one greater rewards mean less money players are paying. However, the current rewards are just fine I think.

    5) Zone merges need to happen. Roskata you say that this game wasn't meant for it, but I have played many MANY games like these and they all have to merge servers eventually. Yes, if you have more than one account being merged into one you can either decide to combine the two or make them each separate accounts. It is your choice.

    6) zvz has been on vacation, but it will return soon.

    Hope that helps a little

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