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    Block Feature

    Just wondering why the block function does not work in ZC. With new zone openings the spam in ZC is unreal. Even when you block or report them they still keep posting. Can get very annoying.

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    I couldn't agree more. I was told blocking would be the fix but they still post or create a different name and post yet some more. I would hope Tap4Fun cares enough about there servers to not get hacked as well.

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    either block function is removed cuz thats "chat" and normally its not good to be blocked for 1 minute if u chat or since last patch there is a bug on this too.
    I noticed there is a bug on Switch Account" button which appear with some seconds delay,

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    Not sure....but this threads probably best suited for problems and bugs.
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    When you see a spammer like that please report them for spam and they will be taken care of.

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