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Thread: Strategy: defeat the many with the few

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    A few strategies to defeat other players:
    Upgrade as many commander combat talents as possible
    Research T3s and T4s and combat skills
    Recruit officers and promote them
    Build T4 units or at least T3s
    Use Missile and Defense Boosts

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    When PvPing, if someone scouts your city immediately go to your Tactic Center and on the Defense setup, switch your Units. Where your Tank was put your SUV, where your Helicopter was put your Tank, where your SUV was put your Helicopter. Then wait for the attack to come. Unless of course you're a low combat level being scouted by a high level player, then run away! Seriously. Why are your troops not on an 8 hour Rally anyway?

    GreyW0LF, Zone 53 (that's a "zero" in W0LF!)
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    Make sure your talent points are good for attack scout and set formation and send the right number of each troop compared to your enemy if he has all tanks no need to send suvs or tanks Riseagain85 zone 33

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    Gzel etkiler yapyorsunuz baarlar dilerim.

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    My strategies are simples you must spy the enemy active a war hability and take only T3 troops #89 zone Teaker

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    To beat many with few requires a few things. First you need to set your talent points for either attack or defence depending on how you wish to win. Second for attacking dont attack someone with anti scout as it may be a trap. Ensure that your officer setup is best for either attacking or defending and that all of your equipment is assigned to these officers. To attack make sure you activate the attack boost. If you attack someone with more troops than you they must be lower tier than yours or you risk losing. Make sure to set your formation according to the scout report and scout them again prior to your troops arriving at their base to verify that they havent changed the formation. For defence l recommend using anti scout and changing your formation right before they arrive so you have the best odds of winning. In game name: AirForceGuy Zone: 53

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    Patience est de roi
    Mme quand un adversaire est sous shield il est toujours prfrable d'attendre car il va srement chercher des ressources, faire des occupatients, campement..espionn avant d'attaquer, vrifi la puissance de l'adversaire, et le niveau de son QG pour savoir peut prs combien de marche il peut avoir et niveau ambassade, car il peut se faire renforcer.. NAKATA first zone 107

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