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Thread: Strategy: defeat the many with the few

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    I have strategies to kill more troops with few but I don't wanna open them here enemy guilds will learn them too.

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    I would set talent points to optimize battle. The set attack on waves to match scout and opponent . Last I would semdt4 many waves!

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    The best way to win attacks is with a balanced attack. T1&2 units to buffer your t3&4, highest level medals you can get that balance the attack you are doing, talents set correctly behind the correct officers. Lastly, there are built in buffs in the game, like the prison buff. 10% for 25 prisoners. This is a huge buff.

    Invasion of not a game for people that want to press hit and kill stuff. It's a thinking and stragic planning game, and your attacks should be planned out well in advance. Some of mine have been planned out as far as a month in advance.

    I have power, but am not the biggest base in this game, much less zone, but I do well using these and other strategies.

    Good luck and have fun playing.

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    Strategy: defeat the many with the few.
    My thoughts on this strategy
    I think it should be like when you are attacking or being attacked you should have an idea of the number of the army that you are facing. Like the normal scouting does by this time there should be a detailed report on the opponents army. when you know the number you can then activate your strategy to meet the opponent squally. There should be items for that something designed like the items we have in the items area energy, food etc. Some should come in the form of bonuses like the normal procedure and some with diamond purchases. You can also build plants for those items This plan I will call it
    Mighty Power
    For instance, if I am being attacked by an opponent with lets say 100 army I can just go to the items and activate like 120 or 150 which will be bigger than that of the opponent by so doing you can win the war with the few you have.
    Fake army only does double the number but do not fight the war when it happens but with the activation of the mighty power your army will be double, tripled even quadrupled for that matter depending of the number you activate with your mighty power bonus or diamonds
    You can also build shields that can be activated in the item area to prolong the life of an army during war.
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    That's really good ways to defeat others.

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    Thanks for your participating in the topic, commander. You are very strategical in Invasion.

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