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Thread: The end of jumpers?

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    Question The end of jumpers?

    Does this mean no more jumping to new zones for good if you are under HQ 5 and still have newbie ports but been that way for a little while? Or does it mean we would have to wait a couple days after the new zone opens ?
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    It basically ends it for the most part. If your character has been created for a certain amount of time, then you cant jump. It stops players from having advantages in the new zones so all players have an equal chance.

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    you still can jump even if your character was created for a while, just need to wait until the protection of the new zone be lifted

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    How long will the zone protection last?

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    The protection of the new zone lasts probably about three days. Then it will be open to jumpers who aren't older than a certain period of time. I don't know exactly what that time frame is yet.

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