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Thread: Selecting Troop Count

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    Selecting Troop Count

    I know when we are in a hurry we all press the magical button to select all our troops automatically for an attack or rally. This is a wonderful feature, however, wouldn't it be awesome if it selected an equal amount of troops from suv, tank, helicopter, and cannons? Instead of just selecting all from suv it will pull from each category that you have. I believe this will also benefit a player during combat. It will eliminate the costly time of selecting the correct troops to match the formation. .. thoughts?

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    I completely agree. I would actually like to see a template for a preset march that you can send. For example if you're wanting to just send cannons for gathering, then you could just by a press of a button. Want to send an equal march? Too easy. Just press one button and you can.

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    omg yesss I've been thinking about this myself. It takes so much time to edit the troop numbers when I could just press the button lol

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