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Thread: Trade/sell items

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    Trade/sell items

    I'd love it if we were able to use vip3 gift giving to send items and materials we already own to other players or sell them for coins.
    Myself and lots of other players initially assumed that gift giving let you do this and were very disappointed to learn it doesn't, being able to trade items and materials would make the game a lot less frustrating and cut back on the clutter in our items.
    Failing this I'd like to be able to sell some of my items for coins or some other currency, this would make use of the dozens of items I have liying around that will otherwise never be used.

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    Yes it would be nice to be able to sell items that are unneeded. I know my items are FULL of stuff that I never use.

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    Would love to be able to trade recruitment materials and sell items I don't want

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    Yup, this is something that shouldn't even need to be suggested. If I "own" an item, than I should be able to do with it as I please. Wether it be sending to another player, trading with another player, or simply selling it to the system for a portion of its worth in diamonds/coins.

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