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1- Thank you.

2- Thank you.

3- I was not suggesting that they stay indefinitely. You can keep the same set up as you have now, just make the rewards accumulative. So in order for players to to reach each major milestone, they would have to remember to resend their troops, just like with the research center, you have to remember to donate every 6 hours.

4- I don't understand why this percentage cannot be revealed. The developers said they sped up the gathering speed of the Super Mine. Myself and others just want to know by how much. Because from what most of us can tell, whatever increase was made makes no impact over what it was before. Most of us believe that they need to revert the Super Mine to the way it was before the update when it yielded the 10% bonus to the Resource Bank.
3.In MANEUVERING BASE, you could gain rewards only by sending troops into it. And the rewards have nothing to do with the amount of the troops. Besides you could also use it as a way to protect your troops. It certainly benefits a lot. To get rewards and to hide troops could remind players to send troops into it.

4.I am sorry we really could not tell it.