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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.29.1

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    Lightbulb Leave your comments on 1.29.1

    Invasion 1.29.1 version is already online! What do you think about the new content in this update? Your suggestions are what we focus on and your advice is what spurs us on, please let your opinions be known! No matter whether it is to do with in-game bugs, or troublesome controls which frustrate you, we’ll look into every issue you bring up and make the required adjustments.

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    Activity Time: From March 2nd at 10:30 UTC to March 7th at 10:30 UTC

    Activity Details: Please leave your suggestions and advice for the new version in the comments section, along with your character name and zone number.

    Activity Rewards: After the activity ends, we’ll pick out 20 random players who have left version improvement comments and game info, and reward them with 1,000 diamonds.

    1.You can post multiple replies, but each person can only receive rewards once.
    2.Rewards will be distributed within 4 days after the event ending.

    Thank you for your support of Invasion!

    Invasion High Command

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    Its the most amazing ubdate untill now . And we trust you ,team . And wait more from you ........

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    Diamond mine still doesn't work properly...... Brought in new translator bugs that were fixed previously... ThT1Guy zone 111

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    This iş better all time the new comes better than before TY TAP4 TEAM

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    Lowhawk (Zone 27)

    1- We built the Maneuver Base Setup.. It is a nice addition to the Hive, but why can't we send troops to both the Maneuver Run, and the Super Mine at the same time? They are two different building structures.. So there is no conflict in troops being mismatched.. It kind of makes for a waste of time and resources building both structures...

    2- While on the Map View and you send troops off on a run, whether it be a resource gather trip, or to attack something, the sound effect for the troops, aka the plane or chopper sounds, abruptly disappear if you move the screen a little bit. They used to fade away, but now they instantly go silent.. It isn't a big deal, but is kind of annoying...

    3- Thank you for bringing TOMBSTONES back as a prize in the rebel runs.. I've been trying to upgrade my Zombie Officer ever since I got him, and there has been no way to obtain the necessary items to upgrade him. Again. Thanks for bringing back the Tombstone award..

    4- The Anniversary Blessing Bag doesn't give out what it claims to give out. I've gotten resources for the bag.. In the Store, the Description reads EXACTLY LIKE THIS "Open to randomly receive Willow Twig, Sunflower, Maple Leaf or legendary officer materials" .. NO WHERE does it say it will give you resources.. NO WHERE AT ALL.. So that is just a big fat lie of a description in the SALES PAGE of the store.. So when someone purchases that Blessing Bag, they are expecting to be BLESSED with one of the items in the description.. Not some resources...

    5- The Shooting Range is a nice addition, but the prizes don't seem to always appear in your inventory after playing it.. I've played it a few times, and some of the item I supposed to have won, didn't show in my inventory...

    6- War Sim still doesn't give out good prizes in High Mode.. I've gotten better prizes on Normal Mode than in High Mode on many occasions, and it still seems to be the same thing after this latest update.. Even if the prizes are selected at RANDOM, then they should be selected from a different group of prizes for each mode.. The entire reason for playing the High Mode is to get better prizes... I mean it cost 2500 chips, just to start the High Mode without even getting a prize to begin with. Why have a High Mode, if the prizes are the same as Normal Mode, and cost 4x the amount of Normal Mode Full completion, just to start the High Mode..

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    Zone 67

    Good update, but issue with the events as the daily login at of 2 snowflakes get rewarded after the trade in event ends

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    Baguss . Tapi sering disconnect , trus chat nya sering hilaang . Ayo dong perbaiki . Kan jadi gak enak lg seru.seru main trus kehilangan jaringan . Jaya terus invasion . Zone 124

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    I like it just wish we could shield a player in our guild if we need too insain12 w^r zone 35

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    Would it be cool if the shield was the same color as the guild borderline
    Zone 119 niko7bello

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    I like the up dates so far. The only concern about have for myself as well as others, last update, i was in a 3 day bubble. You took 3.5 hrs of able to do things away from me and i know a few others. When the server shuts down, i do belive that clock should be stopped as well or give up tthat time back when its restarted. What can you do to help to fix mine/our concern?

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