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Thread: Guild Research Center Vanished

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    Guild Research Center Vanished

    I woke up today and logged in to find that our Guild Research Center is gone. It was in it's final day of construction with less than 15 hours remaining until completed.
    The location of the Research Center was #217 x:254 y:50 The time this happened was 03/02/16 sometime before UTC 22:00:00.

    We worked very hard for that building and would like to have it back.

    Thank you
    z217 [R*H] M 217
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    Here is additional screenshot..
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    Quote Originally Posted by InTheWoods View Post
    Here is additional screenshot..
    Sorry for the delay of reply. Please contact us through CS in game. We will check it for you. Thanks!

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    I had the same issue today. Curious, what was their solution?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melissa Webb View Post
    I had the same issue today. Curious, what was their solution?
    They will return the research center back to normal

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    After a long time and many email conversations, I was informed that only 3 days are given to complete a Research Center.
    I wish I had some clue of that rule before it happened...
    I lost the coins, started over, kicked the guild members who wouldn't help construct, and completed it the second time.

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