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Thread: For all of you going for T4 here's something you should know!!

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    Smile For all of you going for T4 here's something you should know!!

    So you really want T4 right? And those combat researches take AGES but you think you're almost there!!! Well you might not be if you haven't done your economy research!! What you don't see before you get to the level 10 researches is that everything in the economy Tab needs to be at level ten except for construction!! Crazy ik, but here's some ss to show you so that you can be prepared
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    Holy cow patties. looks like some of still like a ways to go then.

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    Also don't forget. You need artillery attack 10 for artillery defense 10. Also you need total health 10 and artillery 10 for total defense 10. You need total defense 10 for troop defense ten which you need before you can start t4s...

    O did I mention that total health and total defense are 200 day researches with good officers and full research talents.

    O and don't forget you also need lab 21. And to make lab 21 you need every other building on your base lvl 21 including the prison and hall of war. But no fear the last 2 levels of each is only $300 worth of dims each.

    In other news I got my t4s this week lol

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