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Thread: How to get diamond for members

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    How to get diamond for members

    If in a guild I'd there a way to put all members account in a place so all members can get and share diamond

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    You can receive up to 1,000 diamonds a day just from connecting your Facebook account to the Diamond Mine. You will need 50 friends to who are active to send you those diamonds every day, but it is possible. If you look in my signature you can join the Public Diamond Mine group for a place where many players add each other for diamonds.

    As far as sharing diamonds, you are unable to actually share them. But you can gift each other items using your diamonds.

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    I have question, i have diamond mine and have many friend from public diamond mine but i can't see their name in the list of friend who able to send diamond, can you help me with the explenation and tips..thx

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    I play in zone 2 and 217 on War Zone not in invasion

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