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Thread: Marching queue dissappeared with troops

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    Marching queue dissappeared with troops

    I'm taking a chance to get an answer here. I sent 3 tickets in-game to get that issue resolved but never got an answer back.

    1. When the problem/bug occurred
    Since March 21, 2016

    2. How often the problem/bug occurred
    Non-stop for the last 2 days

    3. What did you do when the problem/bug was about to occur
    I recalled troops that were walking towards a target and logged off. When I logged back in I went to send 5 marches but it blocked me after 4 saying I have no more queue available.

    4. Related Screenshots (IMPORTANT)
    Trying to find where I can upload them...

    5. Your in-game username and zone number
    Morphenberg in zone 56

    Basically I tried everything I could think of. Restarting the game, switching accounts, recalling and resending troops and so on...

    When all (4/5) marches are in, the icon drop on the map as if there were no troops out. When I check in my armory I can see there is 12776 out but they don't show in the marching queues.

    If I send 4 marches out I can see a blank space right in the middle of the 4 marches as if there should be something there but it is literally a white rectangular empty space.

    Making sure all my "working" 4 queues are in, if I try to pop a shield it says:
    "You can't use the shield when your March is doing war related operation "

    And if I try to teleport it says:
    "You can't teleport when your units are marching"

    I thought it could be device related but I tried to login with both my cell and my tablet the issue shows on both.

    I guess my troops flew off to a different planet... I am forced to move troops around to avoid getting zeroed. I am basically a sitting duck until that issue is resolved. I need this thing RESOLVED!

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    Sorry that we might not get back to you timely. First please check in your mail box and even spam box to see if there is any reply from us. Or you could pm me your mail address and I will check your mail for you. Then for your issue, we kindly suggest you to upload some screenshots of it for better investigation. Please click Full Site so that you could check the upload button. Or upload the screenshots on website and share the link with us. Besides please tell us what was your lost march heading to before you recalled them. Thanks!

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    It was heading towards a crusader. It had 12776 troops in it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jean-Francois Bélanger View Post
    It was heading towards a crusader. It had 12776 troops in it.
    We have forwarded your issue to our tech team. Please give us some time. Thanks!

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