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Thread: Using teleporting bug for illegal resources

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    Using teleporting bug for illegal resources

    Guilds in z217 are using the teleport bug to place illegal resource accounts in my occupied territory.

    When an account is teleported from one continent to another (across the Stormy Sea) using a Newbie Teleport, it may teleport to any land tile. Regardless if the land is already occupied by another guild.

    I hate losing my territory to those who exploit this bug and have to sit and watch as the stronger guilds attack these lvl 2 resource accounts all day to collect the 100 million resources from them.

    I cannot recover my lost territory because there is a base now on it.

    People should not be able to take control of my occupied territory simply by creating a new account and teleporting onto it anyway!

    I have played since zone 11, been very patient, sent constant reports on every cheater I find... but now I ask myself, "Is it worth the effort?".

    [R*H] M 217
    zone 217
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    Teleporting a new account is not against the rules. Its considered more of a strategy to do this so you can have an advantage in a new zone. Although limits have been placed on this method it is still possible. If there is an account on a tile of yours, it will be removed after it becomes inactive.

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    I am mostly concerned about the illegal resource aspect... BUT...

    If this is legal gameplay to steal territory, I can use the following steps to make another guild's entire territory disappear:

    1. Have my guild members create multiple newbie accounts.
    2. Teleport them to the other continent.
    3. Teleport back to our current zone, but onto our adversary's lands.
    4. Join the newbie account to our guild to then instantly own the lands.

    Poof... adversary is now without guild territory.

    Let me know if this is legal or an exploit. If legal, my zone is about to change, because I tested it and it works.

    I am only trying to have balanced gameplay here, but if this is legal I'm all in.

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    Yes, its legal. As is the resource strategy.
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    Buying the 100+ million resource package that is spammed in zc for $4.98 is not a resource strategy. Then putting it in a lvl 2 newbie account, teleporting that account to the location of their choice and attacking it all day to collect.
    That's a bummer.
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