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Thread: Newbie accts cheats changing game

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    Made a video
    Hope no one from my guild sees it lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Walkden View Post
    Made a video
    Hope no one from my guild sees it lol
    It's not bug, Mark. There is no territory limitation when teleporting across continent according to current game setting.

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    Was this issue resolved? Or were you ignored? Thanks.

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    It looks resolved now. I just tried to do this glitch the way Mike posted in video but it seems invasion made adjustments on exactly where u land when trying to newbie port to a specific location. Once the game reloads to the new zone, The system now automatically ports you in a random location. This is good news because it means our land is now our land and cant be exploited using newbie ports.

    If anyone can figure out another way to do this, please post here. It would be interesting to see if anyone else figured out another way to do this glitch
    May the Force be with you

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