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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.29.4

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    we need the ability to zoom out more on the map and also to be able to rotate the camera how ever we like.
    End Of All Days Leader

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    Worst Update!!!

    Why is T4F being so GREEEDY!? Lowering the amounts of diamonds you can get from the diamond mine and mails you can share I mean come on not like were making 10k diamonds a day! And now we have to log out and type our accounts instead of just switching! Like what's good about that! So lucky I screenshotted some of my accounts (the important ones) or I would've just quit. Please change it back to just switching accounts instead of logging out i have to many other things to remember in real life then instead of trying to remember like 6 other account info PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK THIS ISN'T AN UPDATE MORE LIKE AN DOWNDATE!!!😤

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    I think this new update sucks. I spend a lot of money on this game on all my accounts then u guys change it where u have to log off before u can go to the next account. Before u guys make changes maybe u should ask input about it first there are a lot of people talking about leaving this game because u guys change things way to much and now u have to Carry a book with you now Just to switch accounts.

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    Worst update... So greedy.. Now it's not a diamond mine, it's garbage mine. 3500 steel from mine for 21 level???? It's seriously?
    30 ppl in mine.. 30 mails. If you need more money try make game better. This look like downgrade. Acc switching bs.. Back the mine, mail, account switching....

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    Updates have taken away, or greatly reduced any positive rewards given to players. Which was one reason I played it. It was nice to earn things as a way to say thank you from t4f for being a player, who has supported us and spent considerable amount of money. So as a thank you were taking away and reducing so much it will be impossible to play our free online game with out spending. Thank you for your support players

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    Now I can't see who find rebels base... good work...

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    For the new raffle event , can we get undead bone if purchase x10 raffle chests ?

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    worst update i have every seen so far, there are not words that can describe how pissed i am at this so called "update" more like a fuckupdate...

    -TheChosen1 Z34 [UNC]

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    Good I like it But I have missing 43k off diamonds? ???????I'm paying for

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    Worst update. Loads of threads support this. Not one reply. Also, why do the Chinese have special packs enabling them to t4 quicker than the rest of us?

    It's all rubbish, and your app will slowly disappear to be Chinese only.

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