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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.29.4

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    What we need is this site to improve!! No warning of pvp last nite received so got zeroed. Cheers invasion!!

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    Guys u really need ur help ...I need friends for my gold mine .... I really do :**( ... plz anyone? Help is needed

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    Hola tengo un problema tengo el icono del alimento en color rojo ya actualice todas las granjas a mi nivel del cuartel pero sigue en rojo, aparte de eso en ves de subir el alimento todo lo que recojo se baja contando que mis tropas estan quietas que puedo hacer gracias

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    Hola tengo un Problema tengo el icono del apoyo alimentario es de color rojo ya actualice Todas las Granjas a mi Nivel del cuartel Pero Sigue en rojo, aparte de eso en ves de subir el apoyo alimentario Todo Lo Que recojo se baja Contando Que mis Tropas estan quietas Que puedo Hacer gracias

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    i have a bug question why are you saying zone #260 opens on the 19 of may at 12:00 - 14:00 and there is already lvl 20s in that zone ? thats impossible according to your rules supposedly ive said in past theres some one cheating and beem lied to numerouse times pls give explanation or rest assured ill blast on facebook and other media devises . also bring it to the attention of the news media of the anti usa depictions in the intro to game

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    I'm having major issues login in what's going on

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    Good evening

    Hasta #zone 260, since i Downloaden the new update, I can't log in, it stucks at 68%. So I can't Tell you guys, how the new Update is.

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    please i cannot open my accounts and have bought a new pack for the zvz i need help pls i dont want lose what i build pls

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    Latest Research Speedup Activity is unrealistic. 833.33 hours of speedups are needed to collect 12 wrenches. What a joke.
    12 wrenches are needed to recruit Chen Wu.
    You would sell more speed up packs if you reduced the speedups to 83.33 hours for 4 wrenches. Then run the same activity several times. At least that way the average player who does not want to mortgage their house to get these wrenches might actually have a chance to get these officers that we need.

    Zone 60 Ponderosa

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