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Thread: Absolutely disgusted!!!

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    Absolutely disgusted!!!

    I have enjoyed this game immensely, but thoroughly disgusted and devastated!!! I have been a careful player, spending and building to over 125million power and pver 3 million troops. I am a retired educator, and money does not come easy, but i invested in the game to grow stronger ... But then comes the last zvz!!! I lost nearly 70 millipn power and millions of troops!!! This zone comes in, wipes us out!!! Then i understand owner of t4f is a player... Maxed out in every possible way... Mowing bases down!!! Then time comes for zvz to end... Oh, there is a bug!!! Zone 43 stays!!! How convenient!!! All the while insults and injury pouring in on zone chat!!! Due to my loss i have been and continue to be verbally abused!!! O am stressed and disgusted with the whole situation regarding this game!!! I do not know if i shall return, but i do know that we were steamrolled and that i was nearly destroyed, in my opinion by people using nefarious means!!! & i demand satisfaction!!! Old Knight, guild HoG , zone 47

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    So i'm having a issue of understanding what happened during your ZvZ. Was there some type of glitch that was the cause of you losing that much power? Or was it simply your own mistake? If it was a valid glitch then send a support ticket in-game and they may be able to give you some type of compensation.

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