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    Full Screen Interface

    New Full Screen Interface
    I realise this was put in a couple of updates ago but I've never got around to making a post about it.

    The full screen mode when entering certain menus really annoys me. I can't see my diamonds in my store or black market. I have no shortcuts at bottom of screen.

    This especially bad when I've come under attack and need to quickly return to map/base screen. Having to scroll back through screens using that tiny icon at top left is UNACCEPTABLE. Seems every update this game gets worse.

    Please either return it to how it was or add an option to turn full screen mode off as I'm sure those with small screens find it handy.

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    agree, I don't really get the idea to make them full screen

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    Most of the time it annoys me too

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    Maybe email Tap4Fun and suggest the idea to make an option to turn on and off this feature!

    Just a thought!

    - Regards,
    Sir Memphis.

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