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Thread: Marching Troops Memorized

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    Marching Troops Memorized

    As of now your marching troops memorized is extremely annoying! The way you have it set I need to reset it almost every time. Please review the way you have it programmed to allow us to decide the troops we send depending on their purpose; war, gather, rebel etc. Everyone has a favorite formation depending on the legions marching purpose. Allow us to save upto 3 different formations of our choice. They can be formations A, B, C.
    You guys have to agree that if you're sending your lower level troops to gather, hit terrorists, reinforce etc. that it's annoying to have to reset every time you go to attack or join a rally.
    Thanks, Skorp05
    Zone: 60
    Guild: LYS

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    Agree, good post.
    but i'v rarely seen 'good' ideas implemented, if you would suggest another slot-machine somwhere you might have a better chance ;-)

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    I do agree it is a bit annoying, but it will remember your last march so it could be useful in some cases. I would really like a feature where they would have preset marches that players can set and you can just pick between them by the push of a button.

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