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Thread: Horrible Update

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    Angry Horrible Update

    Can't believe what you have just brought us, I would be glad if we can scroll back to 1.29.3

    Diamond mine cut to 300, laggy new UI, and what the hell with account switch? T4F you are being over greedy and dumb, I think it's a good time to quit
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    I agree with this guy. You idiots are going to lose alot of players over this crap you have given us. I personally have 8 pay accounts in one zone. There goes your money from those. Keep it up and they will be ruins like the game you guys copied world of war. .... I used to love this game, lately it's become a joke. Scroll it back or lose your players. Oh and instead of doing away with account memory try adding remember password. Locally not on your stupid server. It's a patch get it right.

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    This is unbelievable, just a few weeks ago i suggest a 'remember me' function to make things easier for players, and this is what T4F comes up with. Well you 'Optimized' me and my vip accounts right out.

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    Food Packs from Diamond Mines from Friends?
    You got to be kidding right?

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    Another thing, with this Update only the 'Early Birds' had an advantage, everyone who hasn't got t4 yet has really difficulties reaching that level.
    T4F you really did it this time, ruining a game with great potential if you would listen to suggestions from players, but no what do you do; not deliveling on promised features, and introducing not mentioned 'features' which really annoys most players. What are you thinking?
    And on top of that blaming failing functionallity on the players 'hardware memory', which can be proved not to be the case.
    Further turning the game in a frecking Slot Machine will work for some but further derails the intended roadmap this game should be going.

    I'm so disappointed.

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    My initial issue:
    Where is the list with accounts? for whom did you optimize? Are you crazy?
    Now i have to type in the email and the password every time. I wrote a request for a remember me function some time ago and this is your solution?
    T4f wants to make things harder every "optimization", great going guys.well you optimized me out.And with me my 1 vip5 4 vip3, guess you only need the vip greater then 10 or so. goodluck optimizing

    Hi commander,

    This is Krista from Tap4fun customer service team, glad to be of help.

    Thanks for writing in. For the account list issue, we optimize the list that it will show all the characters which are bound with the mail. If other account are bound with different mails, players need to log out the current account then choose the accordingly account to login. The purpose is for the account security and simplify the account list. Even this is just a game, we believe that all the players must have spent lots of time and energy on it. It's our duty to keep them from getting any loss.

    My reply:
    You got to be kidding me, security, we can't even chance our passwords, don't make me laugh. If people don't have their phones locked with a password you can just enter the game, no password is asked then, but when you are in your phone and want to change accounts you are faces with this crap, c'mon.
    This is again a turn for the worse, this is a repeating issue of giving and then taking away, and make it worse, making it less easy and less fun to play.

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    You are killing this game. I will not spend another dime until I can access my farm accounts

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    Is this a joke ?? This must be the most horrible update they can ever do. T4F is consumed by their bottomless greed for money. Totally fcked up diamond mine.. reduced diamonds by so much. I am a VIP 10 player with T4 and I am considering leaving the game. U can say good by to 300-400$ I used to spend in this game monthly or more. So many honest and hardworking player got discouraged and left the game. My zone is anyways dead due to many people getting frustrated with the long waiting upgrades and research. The chats do not load, the personal messages disappear. Customer service is horrible. Now they have taken away any hope that was there from all. I think I can better use those money in some other game. Great job T4f for discouraging and making your loyal players quit. I am never ever going to play any game made by you.

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    I find switching from one account to another disappointing, inconvenient and unpleasant. for people who have only one device makes it difficult and demotivating. I avigue between multiple accounts for pvp so you have the account of change is rapid.

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    My zone is constantly at war for pissing off the Chinese guilds. So reducing my chances of getting diamonds for shields while I'm at work, I don't even want to play anymore. You cut 400 diamonds from the mine. You don't give diamonds for share messages on facebook anymore. I have to take two extra steps now to view someone's file. I am still experiencing difficulty from the last two updates and haven't received anything on how to fix my issues. It's been all over our guild chat how horrible these new changes are.

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