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    web based

    what do you think about making the game web based as well as mobile based?

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    Great idea, should be makeable with modern techniques.
    But there is one thing, it costs money and T4F discionmakers are experimenting at the moment to increase on money making up to the point where the game collapses, with upgrade to v1.3 they very well could have reached that point.
    So.... As with all great ideas i have seen around here, not going to happen, ever, period, lol

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    It could be possible, but what makes a web based service compared to mobile better?

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    it isnt about what makes it better or worse its about reaching more people. its just like the sony and microsoft, 2 different companies working together to make gaming better for all.

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    and this game still has plenty of potential with its zvz and its still locked buildings if we can work to gether instead of tearing at all the possible faults a game has then we can make this game even greater

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    Would love to have this as a web based game, however you have a similar option by using Bluestacks.

    I'm sure it's a very very easy job for Tap4Fun to do also, converting a web based game to an App is very tough, but converting it the opposite way is much easier.

    Something for them to consider I'm sure!
    But I sure would prefer playing via Mobile.

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    im not saying to make it only web i think it would be great if they could run off of the same servers and interact

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