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Thread: Selling accounts

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    Selling accounts

    Can anyone from Tap4fun tell me why I shouldn't sell my account if I want to?

    As far as I'm concerned, if I have invested my hard earned cash in building my account up, and then get to the point where I want to quit the game, why shouldn't I be able to sell it on to recoup some of the money I've invested in it?

    I'm pretty sure if I went to see a lawyer, they would say my account is for me to do with as I wish!

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    and there is this other thingy, technically you only 'share' it with someone else, since you can't change your password and you still have full access to the account.
    The fact that others are willing to share in the maintenance and growth of your 'duo' base, or compensate in hindway for any investments, isn't of any frecking concern of T4F.

    So T4F, there goes another of your shiity arguments for killing our game.

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    After Tap4Fun's recent mail of "Malicious Refund Accounts" - the sale of accounts has actually changed my opinion.

    Selling your account should be kept illegal for buyers own safety, people can refund their money so easily and if they do that to an account you buy.. well it's going to be banned and you was practically scammed and bought an illegal account.

    - Regards,
    Sir Memphis.

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    If someone wishes to sell their account, I see no harm in it. The buyer knows that the user/pass can't be changed and understand that it all works on a trust system. But if a hacked account with falsely gained resources and diamonds is sold, then that is theft and should be dealt with.. Basically buyer beware.. There is risk involved in buying an active game.

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    It's mainly because its against the rules of service by playing this game. If anything it keeps many players safe. If it was allowed think of the amount of scamming. Even now, players who try to do it behind the back of Invasion still become scammed.

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    Lol you can believe if tap could dream up a way to make a dime from players selling accounts, that rule would change in a New York minute
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    Zach, are you employed by T4F by any chance ? All you seem to do on this site is Schmooze them instead of taking off your T4F glasses and looking at the real world....and real issues people are having with the game

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