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Thread: Diamond Mine is RUINED..

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    Exclamation Diamond Mine is RUINED..

    To use the Diamond Mine I was forced to add hundreds of people to my Facebook page to achieve the daily reward of Diamonds.. Now instead of being able to get 1000 Diamonds a day from my mine, I get GIFTS???? With the possibility of some of those gifts being 20 diamonds.. So the Diamond Mine is now a GIFT SHOP??? We get resources or diamonds from the mine??? And we get FAR less from the mine now.. As a casual player, this has ruined the game. I don't have time to spend 24/7 playing this game, and I don't have wads of cash to keep pouring into it to get diamonds for shields.. Especially when there is a Zone vs Zone. Those last 24 hours, and then the people from the other zone can stay in our zone 4 hours after the zone-vs-zone battle is over.. So we must use another 8hour shield to keep base safe, after the battle is over.. Without the Diamond mine to get DIAMONDS from, I'll no longer be able to keep my account growing.. As this free to play game, has been ruined with this update.. ruined... Time to start UNFRIENDING a ton of people off my Facebook page, and get it back to only family and close, personal friends..

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    Game is ruined now t4f got too greedy and don't know how to make actual updates

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    I can see the truth here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kylo Ren View Post
    Game is ruined now t4f got too greedy and don't know how to make actual updates
    It's obvious that T4F was not getting as much money as before so they made this change. It doesn't matter what it does to us but only how it affects them!

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    Garbage mine.... agree with guys..

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    Not only does it affect the people unable to shield properly during events, but with the HIGH cost of obtaining T4 units, which takes up to a year to obtain without spending TONS of real life money, like hundreds of dollars on this game or even thousands.. Without the diamond mine that time frame has just been doubled and the ones that already have T4 units will dominate the game until then. But we all know the ways things are going that this game will be DEAD before anymore normal folk are able to obtain T4 units now....

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