Congratulation t4f. You guys named to mess up the game even worse. T4s were already basically unobtainable, now you mess with the diamond mine and make it to where it gives out even less. All you've done is to make even more players give up and quit. Great job on that. Guess the little money us poor ppl put into the game isn't good enough and now that we will quit it will be no money. Do you guys even play this game? Can you not see how one sided it is with t4 . but yet you make it to where the diamond mine pits out less diamonds and some are not even diamonds. Wth. I link up with Facebook for the diamonds, and that is advertisement for you guys. I will be unbinding it now. It just is not worth the little diamonds you give up now to have my Facebook page loaded with all these email shares and annoying my friends with invites. Thanks for messing up a great game. I was already on the verge of quitting and now I'm pretty sure you made my mind up. How about this. You guys actually play the game and tweak it when you have experience with playing it rather than just assume!
Piss off!
Grease monkey zone 16