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    Angry <<<Sigh>>>

    Well, it was fun while it lasted. I've been gaming since way back in the original everquest days and have seen many games come and most go. The coffin has just had the nails put into it here. EVERY game has to have options for the free/low-pay players to survive. Otherwise the high-pay players have no population to game with. So here is how it goes every time a game makes changes like we've just seen. Immediately within a day or so, a lot of folks will be so angry they will leave. A lot of the free/low-pay players will try to hang on, but resources/diamonds on hand will run out pretty quick. Probably within 2-3 pvp periods. Then they will be destroyed and will not be able to build back up because they will get hit every few days. So, 95% of the free/low-pay players will now be gone. The high-pay players will start beating the heck out of each other because there is noone left to game with. Soon, their investments will begin going up in smoke and they will be spending a small fortune to survive each other. Before long, the increased investment along with the low population will begin forcing these players to leave also. Within 1.5-2 months most zones will be ghost towns with a very small handful of active players. T4F income will be reduced to the point they cannot afford to offer what they offered before this update. Bye bye invasion. I have multiple VIP accounts and like most folks I feel extremely cheated now. I will not be coaxed into one of the players spending a fortune just to survive, let alone advancing. Guess I'll dust off an old game or try to find a new one. Gah, finding a new game is almost as bad as moving into a new home. Here goes nothing. Cheers folks, it was fun while it lasted.

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    I think of alot of people have already quit since the update and since nothing is getting done man to fix issues within the game

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    Truly i deeply belive they don't care what any writing here they proof this many, many times
    However when i see how fast growing 1 star review in appstore and google play and how they fast trying to calm people down there makes me laugh
    Money talks brothers in stores opinion where people are downloading game is more important for them than any comment here .... lol
    This game is extremely expensieve . I play many but this one is absolutly top of the top in payment
    As u see guys still not enough
    This comment in update info was just hilarious. ... daimond mine exploit by cheaters .... hahaha
    So better punish all than ban a few
    Hey t4f most people who play here are adult in midle age as i see so please leave such info for kids who play The Sims
    True is a lot of people left but most will left in few days when they understood nothing will change
    They still belive in game they love but nothing will happend all "great updates" stay
    Im in this second group ... but im only want to confirm this what i already knew

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