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    Maximum units

    Greetings Commanders.
    I am building my army and would like to know if there is a maximum number of units you can have built at any one time. I know the T1 and T2 usefulness is often debated, but is there a limit to how many you can actually build? Also, is there a cap for sending out a March?

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    March caps are usually with your HQ up grades but i do encourage you to pay attention to your Garages as you want to try to stay in the limit that it can to protect your troops, as far as how many you can build am pretty sure you can build as much as you can hold if thats what you wish to do

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    Yes, there is no limit to how many units you can build, the number never ends and this goes for any tier.

    However for Defences, the maximum you can make is 125,000.

    So far also, the highest march you can send is 375,000 and the requirements are listed below;

    - Headquaters - Level 21
    - March Capacity Item - 50%

    Total = 375,000
    Total without item boost = 250,000

    - Regards,
    Sir Memphis.

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