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Thread: new updates and problem gamers

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    new updates and problem gamers

    hello everyone, i for one believe what T4F did with the mine was an excellent idea all i see is people cheating their way up to the top with the free diamonds. when i started it was way back when zone 7 opened there was no mines or easy ways to get ahead in the game without working at it.with all of you who are complaining, you must think you deserve to have everything handed to its loop hole this loop hole that earn your way to the top or dont bother playing because you are taking the fun out of the game

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    You seem to have a much different view than everyone else. I understand the mine is something they allowed us to use, but it was very helpful to many players. As far as the players cheating by using it, it wasn't that they were actually cheating. It was that there was a large amount of players who hoarded the diamonds from the mine and sold accounts with it. That was the main reason it was removed.

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    the mine was used as a loop hole people created multiple accounts so they could use it for a different purpose then what it was made for

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    The big issue with the mine is they said people were hoarding diamonds and then selling the accounts.. But the accounts being sold are not VIP 0.. They are higher level VIP.. So one of two things happened with these accounts being sold..
    1. They are someone's real account that they paid lots of $ for,and are just wanting out of the game and trying to get back something from all the $ spent, while helping a new player start off in a good position.. (This is fine in my book)

    2. It is a hacked account and is being sold.. Same as stealing a cell phone and selling it to someone to activate.. (Theft) Not cool in my book..

    Without the VIP the accounts can't share anything, and if someone with a VIP 0 has diamonds saved up, then so be it.. The cost of obtaining the T4 units is expensive as all get out. The amount of Diamonds needed to obtain the cuffs and warrants is just unreal.. Also the amount of diamonds required to get level 21 building blueprints.. Which you MUST have to build level level 21 buildings. Which are also a requirement for the T4 units.. So if people SAVE their diamonds, no matter how they earn them, then so be it.. It is the hacked VIP accounts that should be the issue.. Not people using the Diamond Mine, as it was intended to be used.. Plus the huge issue with the Diamond Mine is that you MUST add tons of Facebook people to your account, in order to actually get any decent amount of diamonds from the mine... Now people have all these strangers being forced to be added to their Facebook for this game, to have something unlocked and used.. Now after we all do this, the item we added all these people for, is reduced to rubble.. It is a Diamond Mine, but you may get some food from it?? You may get some oil from it?? Oh yeah, you can also, maybe, get some diamonds from it.. It is no longer what it was supposed to be, and T4F basically committed fraud.. Facebook is a business.. It isn't just a social page, but a business first and foremost.. T4F uses Facebook to help it's own business grow, but when that media is falsely used to get people to buy into its scheme.. That is fraud.. The Diamond Mine needs to be either removed from the game completely or returned to what it was supposed to be.. If people save diamonds, then so be it.. Let the people save as many diamonds as they wish, before they go on a shopping spree in the game.. There is no harm in that...
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    Hoarding cannot be an issue. T4f just made the hoarders get even more diamonds with the arms investment under trumpet. That thing although only available for a limited time benefits diamond hoarders much greater than diamond spenders.
    Hoarding must not be thier main concern.
    Further, like I said in another thread if you want to punish the account sellers and resource traders, there are ways to do that without punishing everyone. Such as: make system generated diamonds limited according to account size. Perhaps level 5 HQ can only possess 5,000 system generated diamonds. However purchased diamonds do not count towards that limit.
    To punish resource sellers simply prevent the amount of resources which may be newbie teleport to a different zone. Perhaps 1 million of each. This step will also help brand new zones from getting the accounts with super massive bases too early.

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    or allow the game not to accept pornts in to a new server till it has had time to grow as its self

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    How or what's the fastest way to get coins for the super mine if I started my own guild?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Warren View Post
    How or what's the fastest way to get coins for the super mine if I started my own guild?
    hit terrorist camps.. level 25-29

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