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Thread: t4f is making other countries fools

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    Angry t4f is making other countries fools

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    need explanation about this

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    30 is about 5$, so this is a 4.99$ pack in Chinese zone however they can get more than 10x speedies than other zones under same price, and that's why you can see those vip4 vip5 with 100+mil power and T4 in a new zone open for 60 days or shorter

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    I'm not chinanese but i have the same pack for about 5usd. Its the second beginner's package and is limited. I live in singapore and i have to say the price is reasonable for me. How much does it cost for you in the USA?

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    i have never seen that package there are 51hours build speedups, 27hours and 3days units speeds, 15k of chips and some rss in my second begginer's package at same price

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    Tap4Fun's pricing per country is actually different slightly, correct but hardly by much.

    This isn't Tap4Fun actually offering better prices for other countries of their preference, it's that Apples or Google plays pricing varys per country in the profit they make, which will adjust the price of packs per country.

    Invasion is a massive game, do not believe all the rumours that go around - the truth is we don't know what goes on behind closed doors.. but if people do some common sense google research just like the pricing for google and app store per country, you'll find that it's not actually Tap4Fun offering better deals.

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    Tap has openly admitted to giving new zones far better packs than it offers older zones. The explanation is " to help new zones catch up".
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    As it was said before, the price difference between packs is very small for all countries. Although what each package contains depends on the zone. Newer zones have packages with much better items.

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    So the solution, or rather a manipulation to this issue, is to start a new game in a new zone and get the awesome package for cheap. Then port into the zone you wish to call home.. I think this is a possible loop hole.. :P

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    Fark olur . Mesela inde 100 yen olan paket . Aynı item ile 200 yen olsun . Ama bizde ok pahalı ve ii boş

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    2x3 saat 1x15 saat 2x8 saat 5x200000 food 247tl 100 dolar . Bazen 1 tl paket var . Onlardada az . Bu pakettekileri ile aynı olması iin 20 gold paket almak gerekiyor . Yani 5000tl 1580 dolar

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