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Thread: is Invasion now unplayable?

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    is Invasion now unplayable?

    The last few updates have ruined the game and now their serves cannot cope and we see game crashes, log in failures, chat room failures, huge lag issues.

    Have t4f made the game unplayable?

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    Think so for a big part.
    Turning it more and more into a slot machine is maybe attractive to chinese people, but it drives me mad, as is the annoying 'log in with fb' which i press often unintentionally while fast pressing all over the screen.
    The upgrade, well I think T4F maybe doesn't get the complaints but they are numerous and I feel the same.
    The ruining of the diamond mine, which is a joke by itself, since no diamonds are ever produced for yourself, makes the game unplayable, getting t4 will be almost impossible and puts the ones who already have them in a unsurmountable advantage.
    Also not being able to shield will make many leave the game after being zeroed.

    So the short answer is yes, it has become unplayable ;-)

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    I wouldn't say it is unplayable at all. Sure, the last update did make some changes that many players are unhappy about. But it is the still the same game as before.

    I'm still hoping they will reconsider their recent changes and return the diamond mine to what it was and correct the account system.

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    The major reasons it is unplayable are the constant crashes, log in failures, chatroom failures and appalling lag. What is worse is that T4F blame users for every single one of these.
    The diamond mine change just shows that T4F do not respect the majority of users who play fairly. A few abused the Diamond mine and T4F have basically said they will let them get away with it by doing nothing to them. Instead they decided to punish all those who played fairly by restricting the diamonds we can get.

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