[CENTER]Forming a squad is a great daily or weekly event, as captain hands out task to his followers and bringing activities to the guild that can keep them alive and occupied.

Understanding the position of squad.
Is to split responsibility in group which (R5 & R4) officers would love to be organize.

In this game Squad in my zone couldn't be productive. I believe it's missing a tool. R5 & R4 has privileges to monitor and view guild members work and stats info. Those are great but can be improve such as having extra indicator of task stats. Meaning if an officer set a rule to R1 to occupy a territory of 1 tile a day. Member who accomplished should indicate color green as a color coding of affirmative task achivement.

Same idea with Squad. Captain should gain separate privileges towards its followers. So Cap. can see members stats on a given project that can be occupy or harvest or attack enemy power of value ????....

Also, there are four squad per guild which contain max of 25 per squad. The four squads can lead to compete with their fellow guild squad where they would want to gamble a asset as a prize.

System should allow Squad to have access to exchange a value of bet from a squad competition with a method of prize payment.

Per example
-A Diamond squad win territory of most squad land occupied in a event.

-A bet of agreement can be arrange before event takes place and squad members can click weather to agree to a bet or not. After bet inventory, the squads can adjust the balance to final agreement between the four squad or the participants.

Squad winner should be able to received prize automatically and be distributed to all squad members who are involve of the event.