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Thread: More details of 'battle algorithm adjustment' requested

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    Question More details of 'battle algorithm adjustment' requested

    Please define further what exactly a 'massive gap between their powers' means in some detail please. I have an account that is 155m total power. 89m from units. 55m from research. 6.6m buildings and 5.2m commander. It seems that investing heavily into research and building myself a healthy buffer of troops will now work to my disadvantage? Or could you provide more details:

    a) Is the power when considering the 'gap' in power defined as my total power (research, buildings, units and commander) or subset of those (ie: only unit power)

    or is it

    b) Is the 'gap' in power defined as the units on the battle field? ie: I attack with 312,500 T4 - which I think is 11.25m power (36 per unit). If I attack somebody who has 1.5m T4 units defending (54m power). Since that difference is a massive ~43m power do I now loose significantly less?

    Could you define how much of a benefit? Or even give some examples - old combat algorithm vs new combat algorithm?

    Should I immediately stop building troops and stay small and nimble so that I am not penalized heavily for having a large garrison?

    Please more details.

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    Good Luck getting a reply back. T4F is becoming a joke. So many people spent money to get t4s, medals, and officers to have an advantage on smaller players and now they are nurfing it all. Bunch of gready people.

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    Everyone asking for same thing yet we have no replies. No battle formulas, no examples, no help section

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    It seems worse for the little guy after the change.

    We had a 220m player send 375k at a 41m player with right under a million. The smaller player had about 720k damaged and loss; the t4 player lost about 17k, with some being t3.

    The boosts were 50%-60% for the t3 player and 115%-125% for the t4 player.

    I think the translation was wrong. It looks like the algorithm is wiping out the smaller guy worse. Lol.

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    My t4 have seemed to lose more power. I used to attack 1.2 mil t3 troops all day long now it's taking me more attacks and bigger losses on my end. Wtf. Seems like the big spenders are getting punished for getting more powerful

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    U must be kidding me lmao before this new system is set if any T4 player with 375k T4 with that atk% atks on that kind of T3 player he would have lost over 1mil T3 on single hit lol battle system is changed but what they have changed it including 200 rounds which wasn't in past activated it was there but wasn't activated and also have set major load on defese officers so basically if someone is atking u and have good defense buff ur clearly wiping that atker guyout i have total of 100+ atk % and I'm still just all T3 guy and even if someone with same atk% atks me with 375k T4 he can lose around 70k T4 while all i get will be garaged no total lose on my side for first hit or for first 2 hits but surely ill keep winning battle and he will keep losing around 50 to 70k T4 on each battle even if I have 800k T3 with that much atk% that's what have changed lol but one thing that I won't say is there is another new over powered T4 % estimation and it's even more scarer than in destroying troops than it was in past i saw someone lossing 2mil T3 with single hit of that T4 after this update and what I got known is u needs everything full to get that kind if status means u needs to spend around 60k $ to get there approximately lol

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    Today zvz i got hit t4 players, he sent 375k t4 while i have 1,1mil defending troops, about 1mil is t3 and 100k is t2 and t1, my attack boost is air attack 101%, tank attack 100% and suv 100%. The attacker boost is air attack 107%, tank 92% and suv 84% and the result is i lost, 195k went to garage and 372k lost/die (11,4mil power drop) while i only kill 30k of his troops. That was not my first time to get hit by t4 player and i know that was wrong. If you guys want to see the screenshot, i have post on invasion facebook page, trully i am seeking for the truth about that report

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    While few hours before that, i got hit by t4 player too, both attack boost is about the same, the attacker send 312,5k troops 12k t3 and the rest is t4 and i have 1,1mil defending troops. The result is i lost 102k troops, while i killed 64k of his troops, this result i can accept, just want to give you all comparison, i sent an email to t4f about this and really hope they give me an honest answer, if they were wrong i want my troops back

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