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Thread: Platform sever error?

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    Exclamation Platform sever error?

    ZvZ has apparently begun in z217, but today I can't log into the game. I get the following notice:

    Connection Error - Platform sever error.

    What is it? What does this mean?
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    Não consigo entrar no jogo!!!!!

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    I think all of us have the same problem

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    can't login

    Same here its keep saying platform error

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    I checked the Facebook page.... it appears the whole game is down. Don't know when it will run again, compensation will be given in 5 workdays.

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    Neden halen sorun çözülmedi

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    i got the compensations...But I cant check events, mail, chats. The whole game has gone down and now I'm going to get zeroed this zone war with the rest of my guild. Please Tap! Bring in the NERDS!

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    Well, the game started working again. But there is no chats, and the translator in mail doesn't work.
    Communication is key here people.... Chinese text only looks like stick people to me. Help!!

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