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Thread: Moving to New Zones

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    I agree, now some players quit because the zone they are in is not as active anymore or there are guilds that are so big there is no fun for this reason.

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    I guess that would be cool if there were like 3-5 zones in every continent where no newbies spawned and only people after a certain HQ level, say 15, could go into there. Otherwise it would be too troublesome and unfair on the new players.

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    T4f .. we need t9 be allow to move to differNt zone.. we are getting bored.. not enough players to compete.. do something now.. people are quitting the game ...

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    I agree with this idea. Had this option been available I would have moved from zone 134 to 89 (older one lol). Starting again at zone 89 was not an option, too much time and money to be spent on it.

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    I think how top territory was made I think that teleports from one zone to the next and take your tiles with you if you want "Advanced territory teleport" or "Zone Jumper Port" but can only change zones during occupy event or tvt

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